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Starlady is originally from country Victoria but grew up traveling around Australia, including the central deserts, with her family.

She returned to the desert in 2000 to embark on a Peace and healing walk with Arabunna elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott. The journey transformed her life and inspired her to build relationships with indigenous communities throughout Australia. Her career as a youth worker began in Kintore, 2002, with the Sonic Boom Circus and she has now worked in over 30 indigenous communities across the country. From 2005 to 2009 Starlady lived in Melbourne completing courses in hairdressing, make-up and costume with the aim of passing these skills onto indigenous youth.

Currently she is delivering hairdressing training through out the central deserts and is developing several long term projects including several salons, youth based magazines, health promotion, sexual health education and working with the Sista girl/GLBTI indigenous communities. Her love of the central deserts cultures, communities, people and lifestyles helps keep her up her commitment to long term visions. She is a strong believer in working together through consultation and developing strong relationships and intercultural learning. Her bush skills are constantly improving especially chasing tjinka (goannas), making Irrmangka irrmangka (bush medicine) and collecting mingkulpa (bush tobacco).